Content warnings

My books all touch on some heavy & possibly triggering themes & I know how important it can be sometimes to be aware of these ahead of time, so here is a list of possibly triggering content in all of my books. None of it is particularly graphic & none of the sexual violence happens on-page. Please let me know if there’s something I’ve missed or should add.

TAS = The Accident Season
SOTLAF = Spellbook of the Lost & Found
ATBA = All the Bad Apples

(Some spoilers ahead)


Content/ trigger warnings:

Intimate partner violence/ domestic abuse (TAS, SOTLAF)
Rape/ sexual assault, offscreen (TAS, SOTLAF, ATBA)
Child abuse/ incest (TAS, ATBA)
Abusive parents (TAS, SOTLAF, ATBA)
Death & grief (TAS, SOTLAF, ATBA)
Addiction/ alcoholism (SOTLAF)
Brief mention of self-harm (TAS)
Brief mention of eating disorder (TAS)
Brief mention of racism (SOTLAF)
Quasi-incest, consensual (TAS, SOTLAF)
Homophobia/queerphobia (ATBA)
Child/infant death (ATBA)
Cruelty to animals (ATBA)
Institutional abuse (ATBA)
Abortion (ATBA)
Suicide (ATBA)