objects, collections & possessions: some thoughts & three questions

So I’ve been thinking about objects a lot lately, mostly because of the new book, in which things & belongings are scattered about like the injuries in The Accident Season.

At the same time & not entirely unrelatedly I’ve been reading a lot about hoarding & collections, & theories of space & clutter, & Marie Kondo, & recycling & plastic consumption & household waste, & I’ve been thinking about the shrines my sister & I set up in our rooms when we were teenagers: the photos & flowers, the trinkets & treasures, the candles & fairylights reflected in mirrors giving the carefully curated chaos a low glow. So in the evening I declutter my house & sort through mess & memories, & in the morning I write about objects & all the while I think about the things we own & the things we keep & the things we let define us.


So I have a few questions, & if you’re reading this & you’d like to answer I’d love to hear what you have to say.

What’s your favourite object?
What object would you say defines you? (Are they the same thing?)
What is the object you use most often?

I haven’t been able to narrow down my favourite object but once I do I’ll post it in the comments. As for my defining object, maybe a notebook? My current notebook is pink & says this on the cover:

something lucky,
found by chance


It’s perfectly fitting for a book about lost things written by a half-French person made mostly of love & luck.

The object I use most often is a pair of thick, black, cat-eye glasses, because I put them on first thing in the morning & take them off last thing at night, & I can hardly see without them.


Other contenders were my phone, my notebook, my Paperchase pens, the floral mugs I drink endless cups of tea out of & leave in random places around the house, the GHD I straighten my fringe with every morning (& I am particularly interested, for this book, in beauty routines & beauty objects as talismans, so if you have any thoughts about this please please leave me a comment, it’s fascinating stuff).

Here are some of the things I’ve been reading, in case you’re interested:

Glamorous Hoarding by Arabelle Sicardi
The Story of Stuff
Lego Lost at Sea & the Plastic Pollution Coalition
Teenage Bedroom Decor via Apartment Therapy
A shrine of shrines via Rookie

If you’ve any similar links or books you think I should check out let me know!